Sunday, 16 August 2009

No desire to wait

I have a great desire for feed back.
I have contacted 4 people.
2 in Brighton.
1 in Edinburgh.
1 in Stockholm.
I have asked these people if they are willing to read the 3rd draft of Replacing Angel.

Now I'm waiting.
I'm hoping that all of them will say yes
and that all of them will have things to read for me in return.

Because what else to do? When I'm waiting for feed back
I'm sort of standing still.
But my desire is great.
I still need to do something creative.
Starting a new novel is out of the question.
I've got a few poems and short stories on the go.
And a few performances coming up.
And about 10 books outstanding on my library ticket.

Perhaps I'll just take a break and read.


  1. I set up another google group for poeople from my ex writing course although it hasn't been heavily used yet - I am happy to read and provide feedback if you need anyone else

  2. Thanks a lot for your offer Chris, but at the moment I think I've had enough "eyes" on my work, but will get back to you if I change my mind :).