Wednesday, 12 August 2009


It takes a lot of patience.
Writing that is.
Especially when the world is full of distractions
in the form of sunsets, beautiful people and laundry.

I'm editing the third draft of Replacing Angel,
so it'll be in good shape
when I send it out to my critics.
I'm about half way through now ...

It's nice when you're starting to see the novel as a whole
and how everything fits together
how every bit of dialogue has to matter ...

To keep going I have a few post-it notes
with encouraging words in front of me.


  1. Say as Dee Dee said to himself: "Thank you Louise, you're very wonderful, I love you"

  2. Fab blog- great idea putting notes up for inspiration! I'm definitely gonna start doing that! That's brillant getting to the third draft- I can't wait to read it!