Thursday, 30 June 2011

No Explosion, No End

CLICK HERE TO READ "No Explosion, No end" - a flash fiction piece I performed in the Brighton Fringe Flash Fiction Story Slam

Monday, 27 June 2011

My Midsummer Camp in Norfolk 18-25 June

My Midsummer Camp

Midsummer Camp started off pretty damp
Wet socks and feet
the rain falling in sheets
but after getting a pair of Welly boots
I was ready to sing and shoot

I decorated the marquee
where later 5rhythms set me free
Flowing to the beat of a drum
was better than drinking rum
but with the help of some gin
I played the Welly with a grin

For the solstice I painted my face
and danced round the field in a haze
Sitting round the camp fire
my body burning with desire
Beautiful boys from Leeds
got me into some bad deeds
Smoking and singing some more
I found myself on the floor
A festival of cuddles
arms and legs in a big muddle

Helped building a bender
which made me feel a bit tender
(as if I’d really been on a bender)
Struggling with yogic breath
to save myself from a minor death

In the kids tipi I made a poi
and almost stood on my head oi oi oi
I learnt more in a week than in a year
and my head feels more clear
Wiping snot and chopping wood
did me some good

The view from the compost loo
made my mind grow
feeling the grass under my toes
more intimate than shoes
In the communal shower
a woman made me feel like a flower
by sharing a story about her nipples
which made my smile ripple

In the camp council I confessed
that I liked getting undressed
jumping in the hot tubs
getting free shoulder rubs
Everybody I met had a story to tell
and a hug to share as well

Shedding skin in the sauna heat
made my heart beat
with appreciation, accepting
the changing season
The nights are now getting longer
but I feel stronger
Am not going to drown
cause I’ve found my inner clown.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Re-charging Batteries in Sweden

About three weeks ago I ran out of battery. Everything and everyone seemed boring, and I had no energy to do anything. For the first time ever I suffered from homesickness and in desperation I booked a ticket to Sweden.

There's something about this time of the year: the light in the forest, the summery smells and the feeling of freedom ... (At least that's what it used to feel like when I was younger as school is out in June and you have 10 weeks of holiday ahead of you.)

June is also the month of my Dad's birthday, so I decided to surprise him ... I just turned up on the day, knocking on the window of my parents house. Mum looked as if she had seen a ghost and my Dad was in shock all evening ... It felt like something that happens in a book or a film.

Going for longish walks in the forest was just what I needed. A place to breathe, a place to recharge my creative batteries. To let go of all demands. To be free from computers and phones.

Another purpose of my trip was to collect some inspirational material for my next novel. All I'm revealing is that it's set in Thailand. As I spent 5 months in Thailand in 2007 I filled quite a few journals and took lots of photographs that I had stored at my parent's place. Cramming the journals and photos into my hand luggage I was ready to go back to the UK and face reality again ...

But not for long because on Friday I'm off to Midsummer Camp Festival in Norfolk, so see you in 10 days time or so ...

Friday, 3 June 2011

Free Writing Workshop on a Gardening/Growing Theme

When? Saturday 4 June 11am-1pm

Where? Hove Library, 182-186 Church Road

How? Just turn up for this free writing workshop run by author Kay Sexton.

There will also be a seedswap ...

Or just come along for a chat and have a cup of tea or coffee for 50p! (I'll run the refreshment table and need some company :).

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Flash Fiction Published in Fox Chase Review

I'm happy to have two pieces of flash fiction published in Fox Chase Review. Click here to read Old Habits & It's raining blood.