Monday, 13 July 2009

Welcome to my blog

I've been keeping two blogs since 2006:

LivingLollo (My Swedish blog at


Lou Ice (My poetry site at Myspace)

The reason I'm starting a third blog here is because I read literary agent Rachelle Gardner's blog:

"I DON'T want to see in your proposal, "I am willing to start a blog and join social networks to market myself."

I DO want to see: "I've been blogging for a year, with my readership growing steadily. I use Facebook and Twitter to create relationships with potential future readers of my books, and to drive people back to my blog. I'm currently making contact through the blog and social networks with several hundred (or several thousand) people a day."

I took this blog post of hers quite seriously. It's time for me to become more serious than I am already :=). Thanks to the writing coach Johanna Wistrand for the link!

By reading this blog you'll find out what it's like being an acknowledged novelist in Sweden, but dreaming about making it in the U.K. My aim with this blog is to maintain a healthy balance between writing and life.

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  1. Wow. That's certainly something to aspire to. I have no doubt you will achieve a following here!