Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Identity as a writer

Today I went for a job interview. I've already got a job. I'm a writer. But unfortunately I'm not making enough money out of it. Yet. In the meantime I have to do something else to be able to pay my rent. On and off since 2001 I've been doing casual library work. The interview I went for today was for a permanent post as library officer, 3 days (21 hours) a week. It's a job that I really want, because it would give me 3 full days to work on my writing + 1 day to rest.

However I left the interview almost in tears. I think I did OK, but something made me feel incredible sad for no reason. It could just be that my period is due ... (My brother just made a comment that I'm not being very personal in my blogs, so there you go!) Anyway, another reason might be that it doesn't matter if I got a job as Axl Rose's personal assistant; I'd still mainly be a writer and therefore I'm not able to show enough enthusiasm when interviewed for other jobs.

When I came home I got a nice confirmation of my true identity. A letter had arrived from Australia! A few weeks back I wrote to one of my favourite authors Belinda Burns, who's the brain behind "The Dark Part of Me". This novel has inspired me a lot both when it comes to both writing and living. It's a coming of age story set in Brisbane and is loaded with sex, drugs and rock n' roll, but is also very funny and offers deeper insight into human nature. The end is especially good and twisted. Read it now!

I was delighted that Belinda took her time to write back! She was also happy to receive my letter as writing can be such a lonely pursuit ... Whatever I do to make my money I know that my writing always comes first. Sometimes you just need to connect with other writers to remember who you really are.

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