Sunday, 26 July 2009

Shoreham Beer, Cider & Literature Festival

It's always great performing for a crowd that is normally not going to poetry events. The locals at the Duke of Wellington Pub in Shoreham got treated to poetry by me, Ash Ffrench and Dan Rovira and genuinely seemed to enjoy it!

When you just perform in front of other poets you don't really know if your stuff works or not. The real challenge is to try your poetry on people who might only read the Argus ... I did one set on teenage angst and one set on love. After doing the love set I ended up in a long discussion about what love really is with one of the regulars ...

We didn't get paid, but could have as many pints of beer, ale or cider as we wanted to! All the drinks had literary connections. e.g. Black Beauty from Anna Sewell's famous novel.

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