Monday, 7 September 2009

Ready to go

No, I'm not going on another backpacking adventure even if I'm using the same bag ...

I'm going on another kind of adventure
- in fact many adventures over a course of three weeks:

*My best friend's wedding in Stockholm (She's getting married to herself, will blog more about this later, some people have called it performance art ...)

*A couple of school visits (Tranås, Uddevalla) where I'll talk about my first novel, why and how I wrote it etc.

*My sister's 30th in Malmö/Copenhagen (She's not really my sister, but I wish she was)

*The launch of my first novel Punkindustriell hårdrockare med attityd in Denmark

*The annual book fair in Gothenburg where I'll be doing work shops etc.

I'll be back in Brighton at the end of the month ready to start the 4th draft of Replacing Angel ...

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