Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 A-Z

A is for

Ace Stories (Brighton's best live lit event)

Agent (this year I signed the contract with my literary agent!)

Alexander Technique Lessons

Are you sitting comfortably? (live lit event)

B is for

Bath (where I went with my family)

Bang Said the Gun (the poetry slam I won in London in September)

Barcelona (where I celebrated my 29th birthday)

Beat (poetry gig)

Beer (too much)

Bombanes (poetry gig)


Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe Festival

C is for

Camping in Hassocks

Chatterbooks (my book group for kids at the library)

Cocktails at Hotel Pelirocco, and Tara’s Cocktails party

Cooking (I’ve cooked for people at 7 different occasions which is 7 more times than last year!)

D is for

Drop-in Drama at New Venture Theatre

Duke of York’s Cinema

E is for

Elly-Mae (the working title of my new novel project)

Events (that I organised/compared at Hove Library)

F is for

4thirtythree (the band I did improvised spoken word/music gigs with)

5rhythms dance

Floetics (poetry gig)

G is for

Game Girl

Grit Lit (short story night)

H is for

Hammer & Tongue (Brighton’s one & only poetry slam, this year I made it to the final!)

Hippie dreams

Horseplay (poetry gig)

I is for

Idea (the big Swenglish idea that I’ll embark on in 2012)

Ice as in Lou Ice

J is for


John Cage (part of tribute performance)

John Cale (Brighton festival)

K is for

Kay Sexton (who launched her book Minding My Peas & Cucumbers in a Windmill)

L is for

Laurie Anderson (Brighton Festival)

Lecturing at Loxdale Centre


Library Blues (no comment!)

LOST (Sky and I watched the last episode ever of the only TV series that I’ve ever followed. Well, at least since Beverly Hills 90210)

M is for

Marching f(or Public Services in London and for Pensions in Brighton)

Marwood’s Cafe

Midlife Crisis (an early one!)

Midsummer Camp Festival in Norfolk


Modern Art

N is for

Natalie (the main character in REPLACING ANGEL/UNDER THE LIP)

Nick Cave

Not for the Faint-Hearted (writing workshops)

Nässjö (my hometown where I spent some time in the summer)

O is for

OMG (and other modern age abbreviations)

Orange juice with bits

P is for

Photography (the picture is from the forest where I spent the last day of the year)

Planet India Restaurant

Poetry (got back into writing & performing poetry this year)

Pizza (Swedish style with bananas!)

Psychogeography (thank you James!)

Q is for

Queer & Quirky Brightonians

R is for

Rattle Tales (short story event)

REPLACING ANGEL (my English novel that changed name to UNDER THE LIP, see U)

Rock 'N' Roll

S is for

Sandy Dillon (the best music artist I’ve discovered this year)

Short Stories (not that many written, but quite a few published)

Sister’s Circle

Something Wholly Inappropriate (poetry gig)

Spilling Ink Review

Stockholm (stayed with my brother and visited one of my best friends)

Story Scavenging

Story Studio (short story event)

Sue (our “creative coaching” meetings are great!)

Sweat Lodge in Stanmer Park

Sweden (three trips this year: surprising my Dad on his birthday in June, summer bliss in August, and Xmas/New Year)

Swimming in the sea

T is for

Tax Return

Tea (Green)

U is for

UNDER THE LIP (my English novel that is under consideration for publication in both Sweden and the UK)

V is for

Visitors (Laura, my aunt, my family, Pernilla, Sara)

Voice Work

W is for

Waiting (for news about my book)


Whale Writing (a project with my writing colleague Lotus)


X is for

Xmas tree (dancing round the tree at work and with all relatives on Xmas day!)

Y is for

YLG (Youth Library Group) conference in London

Z is for


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  1. what a cool idea to do an a-z! Mind if I copy you? ;) (I knew Midsummer Camp had to be in there!) x