Saturday, 11 December 2010



publishable (comparative more publishable, superlative most publishable)

1. Able to be published.

I've spoken to an agent who's read my English novel, REPLACING ANGEL. It's publishable. That's the first thing he told me.

Publishable, but not quite yet.

The first third of the manuscript drags. I'm aware of this. My playwright/drama teacher friend who has also recently read my MS is of the same opinion.

And the title doesn't work, is too cheesy, too obvious. I wasn't aware of this.

The worst though is that I've used far too many Nick Cave quotes ... (Did you know that he crashed his car into a speed camera at the end of my street this week?! Photo evidence above.)

Even though I have a lot of hard work ahead of me I feel excited. The agent suggested that I take some time to think about it all, and then I'll present him with a new version of the MS in a couple of months time. I'm already thinking of spending the first week of the year in my small boring hometown and focus on the re-write, away from the distractions of Brighton.


  1. Brilliant news! You must be very excited, sounds like you're really close. There's nothing better than locking yourself away to work on something with a real incentive - am looking forward to (hopefully) getting to that stage with my next effort, one day

  2. Keep going! I am also thinking of spending the first two weeks of next year in my own small boring town, or if I can afford it one where I don't speak the language and English is far enough away, in order to finish translating the book I've been working on.

  3. Someone special is looking down on you with so much pride.... She is always with you.....
    Kia kaha Louise....