Monday, 23 August 2010

Black History Month Countdown

I was very happy to be part of the countdown to Black History Month at Red Roaster on Thursday. I'm not black, but I'm Swedish so I have a faint, I say faint idea what it's like to be different. But as I said during my performance: I feel more comfortable in Brighton than I do in my hometown in Sweden. Because in Brighton anything goes; it's easier to be who you are when people in the street are gay, black, Japanese or just have pink hair. I haven't performed for a while so it was good for my confidence to be on stage again and do my rants about escaping narrow-minded small towns.

The headlining acts for the evening was the poetess Akila and the funk/soul/rnb band Mauve.

The next events are Thu 16 Sep and Thu 28 Oct, 8pm at Red Roaster Cafe in Kemp Town. Join the Facebook Group here. Get in touch with the administrators if you want to perform.

There's also a challenge to write something on the topic of legacy. You don't have to be black, just share your thoughts on living in a mulitcultural place.

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