Monday, 21 June 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

Caroline of Brunswick was one of the few pubs where you could escape the football Friday ...

Saturday night and ready to go to the Are you sitting comfortably? Pyjama Party event (more pics below)

The actor Gareth Brierly is reading my story Relax Johnny-Boy, have some fun!

Kate and James are enjoying the midnight ice-cream feast. Apart from short story-readings there were also short films, games like pass the parcel and a price for the person who wrote down the best nightly dream.

Photo: Jeff Sheppard. On Sunday I performed at the brilliant event Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere (curated by Ben Graham) at the Prince Albert pub. To my surprise there was another Swedish poet: Andreas Grant.

Sunday evening and chilling out on the beach with my friend Mattias Kalander (a composer from North of Sweden) who spent the weekend with me. I met Mattias eleven years ago. On the internet. This was the first time we met in real life!

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