Friday, 11 June 2010

Greetings from Nässjö, Sweden

I can't believe that I've been in my hometown, Nässjö, for a week now. I thought I would have loads of time to write and read and walk. But I've ended up being very sociable catching up with family and friends.

Something that is a bit annoying though is that you can't even go out for a drink. There are no pubs in Nässjö. English people might think it's a joke, but it's true. The only pub there was has been closed for renovation for more than six months! So me and my friend had to go to the hotel bar that closed at 10.30pm and was empty apart from a few businessmen staying at the hotel ...

On the bright side though there's a yearly poetry festival in Nässjö. I've always missed it as I live in Brighton, and when I still lived here I was too young to appreciate poetry. Yesterday I saw some readings from some of Sweden's finest poets and there was also a brilliant poetry slam to finish the evening off.

Another bright thing is that my short story, Relax Johnny Boy, have some fun!, was accepted for the Are you sitting comfortably? Pyjama Party in the Brighton Basement next Saturday, 19 June. I was also happy to find out that one of James Burt's stories was accepted as well.

Today me and my brother are off to a festival outside Sölvesborg called Sweden Rock. Mainly to see my old hero W. Axl Rose ... Catch you later!


  1. I'm very excited about next Saturday! Can't wait to hear your story.

    Hope Axl Rose is good. I'm about a mile from Download at the moment. Didn't get a ticket but the floor has been shaking from the speakers there!