Friday, 22 June 2012

Great Book About Being an Obsessive Fan

This year I’ve mainly read non-fiction to get inspiration for the Swenglish book I’m writing. The latest book I read is I was a teenage Toyah fan by Chris Limb.

Growing up being a massive Guns N’ Roses fan I could relate to Chris’s story of being an obsessive follower of a music artist. He writes extremely well, doesn’t waste his words and take us on an epic journey from being a nerdy 14-year-old to becoming part of Toyah’s unofficial fan club Angels & Demons and finally being asked to run Toyah’s official fan club, Tellurian.

I haven’t been that lucky with Guns N’ Roses. The closest I’ve come to meeting Axl Rose is seeing him on stage at Sweden Rock two years ago. However Chris’s story is very inspiring and life-affirming. Even if you’re not a Toyah fan you’ll hopefully get a lot out of reading the book as Chris reveals a lot of exciting episodes from his teenage years. He might be have been an obsessive fan, but was never a creepy stalker. I’m also struck by his accurate observations about how you obtained information about your idols before the time of Internet.

Coming-of-age combined with music what more could you wish for!

The book is available here and Chris has written an interesting account on Kindle sales here.

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