Friday, 17 February 2012

Snapshots - Graphic Novel Inspired by Wedding Present Song Titles

 A Song Title became a Short Story became a Graphic Novel

It started with the band the Wedding Present and their excellent song writer David Gedge,
it continued with the writer Louise Hume (in collaboration with Tara Gould from Brighton's Short Fuse/Story Studio Live Lit event) who invited other writers to write stories based on the Wedding Present's song titles.

Some of these stories were read by the writers at the Edge of the Sea Festival in Brighton in 2010.
The stories were liked by the band and the fans.
Finally, illustrator Lee Thacker was invited to "do the drawings" for the stories ...

and the result is a graphic novel!

Apart from my story, I'm From Further North Than You, there are little gems like Mark Sheerin's Brassneck, Erika Szostak's Model, Actress, Whatever ... and Wendy Ann Greenhalgh's The Trouble with Men.

Snapshots is for sale here.

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