Monday, 5 September 2011

Flash Lit at Brighton Digital Festival

There seems to be at least one festival on every week in Brighton... On Sunday I'm taking part in Flash Lit - a short story slam that is part of Brighton Digital Festival.

I don't think you can compete in writing, but I do it for fun! Honestly. I've written four very short pieces especially for this event, and if I make it to the final I get to read three of them.

Where? Sticky Mike's Frog Club, Middle Street, the Lanes

When? Sunday 11 Sep, 7pm-10pm (late bar)

How? Turn up and make a big noise when I read! (It depends on the audience who makes it to the final ...)


  1. Me and Inger are going to eat dinner together at that time, and we'll try to shout all the way from Sweden!

  2. Enjoy yourself tonight Louise. I don't think I'm going to make it. I'm in a conference all wknd and suspect I'll be too tired to stay awake. But you never know....

  3. thanks McKagan for shoutign and thanks for your thoghts Alison ... it went well. I went through to 2nd round and got good feedback! most important: it was fun!