Monday, 8 August 2011

What I Miss about Sweden:

CINNAMON BUNS made by my friend and author Sara Starkström aka GameGirl

PIZZA. You might find it strange ... but the best pizza is to be found in Sweden! Not in restaurants, but in special cheap pizza places that are more common than pubs ... My favourite is the banana and pineapple topping. My brother prefers kebab on his pizza.

LAKE SWIMMING. I still don't know if I prefer lake swimming to sea swimming, but the advantage with lakes is that they are still, so you can actually swim without having to fight for your life against waves and currents.

FORESTS. One morning I woke up early and went down to one of my favourite spots on this planet: Isåsadammen - a lake in the forest, 15 min walk from my parents place. I brought my breakfast and sprinkled the muesli with raspberries and blueberries that I found in the woods just behind me. (And apart from breakfast I brought my notebook and did some random writing.)

FOREST. Yes I do miss the forest. The above mentioned lake at sunset.

As I "feared" the weather distracted me from doing as much writing as I hoped, but my main mission was to find a new way to begin my new novel project and I think I found that way ...

When I'm at the beginning of a new project I can't get enough of just "being" and walking and thinking. It's not the actual time spent in front of the screen.

Now I'm back by the sea in Hove, and at the moment this feels like home. I just need to fill myself up with buns, pizza, lakes and forests now and again ...

More about my new novel project in the next blog post.


  1. Barnaby Marriott9 August 2011 at 23:16

    Oh my God, I can see why you pine for Sweden - the inspiration you must get for writing in that beautiful forest, swimming in the lake and the like must be wonderful. Those pizzas look delicious - ditto the cinnamon buns! Now when the hell can a bunch of us join you on your next trip back there?! X x x

  2. I understand - sometimes I yearn for the lakes and forests of Canada and wonder what I'm doing in Blighty! Welcome back. See you soon!