Monday, 24 May 2010

Discipline: A Four Line Poem a Day

This weekend I met up with writer James Harris who lives in Berlin. (it was in Berlin we first met at a poetry event in 2006). Last year James started The Four Line Blog. Every single day* he writes a poem in only four lines. I think it's very impressive as all poems are good and well crafted. Anyone can write four lines on a piece of paper, but to make it into poetry takes some effort.

James also works in theatre, and works as a translator, therefore he doesn't have much time for writing at the moment, but this four line-discipline keeps him active as a writer.

For me discipline is the keyword to success. I believe that anything you do regularly and make time for is going to take you somewhere. Thanks to sticking to my average three hours a day I'm always producing something. However ... some days the words on my screen are so confusing, I couldn't even make a four line poem out of them ... I'm more the kind of person who writes as much as I can for three hours, and then I spend another three hours tidying up my mess and make it into literature.

*for some reason James missed to write a poem on Saturday. Could it be too many beers at the BBQ? :)

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  1. Yeah, at least when I look back at the year I'll be able to know exactly when and where I got drunk.