Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I'm off sick today. I didn't get much sleep last night because I had a bad stomach ache and wanted to throw up, but couldn't. I'm still feeling a bit queasy and all I want to eat is ice cream.

On my way to the nearest ice cream vendor (Co-op) I stopped off at the post office and sent off REPLACING ANGEL. So maybe I'm feeling sick because I'm suffering from postnatal novel depression ...

It's like I'm no longer capable of looking after my book baby, and therefore the nanny agents will take care of her and let me know when I'm fit to look after her again. They'll also let me know if my baby is all right, and if she needs to go through another health check (draft.) It sounds horrible, but I hope it'll take a while. I have things to get on with. Like having a hair cut.

PS. the post office in the picture has nothing to do with my local post office.


  1. Hi Lou. Thanks for following my blog. Bravo on sending your novel out into the world. I heard you read a poem at the last eg.poetry night in Brighton. I thought it was a great night and great to see so many people wanting to hear poetry!! Best wishes and maybe hear some more of your pieces there... A

  2. Back from my holiday and catching up with some blogs. Great to hear your book is finished. Hope you get some good responses!